Friends, family, work like balance & Socks


What makes life fulfilling? A degree? A high paying job? Your dream car? Finally owning your own home? Perhaps your monthly Socks and I package?

These are all rewarding for me, however I find the most fulfillment and happiness when spending memorable moments with friends and family in fun, comfy socks of course!

gray dress socks

For those that don't know, I am blessed with 4-year-old twin boys! With it being Halloween weekend it made me realize what big boys they are.  They chose to be Foxy and Freddy from Five Nights at Freddy's.  I found myself wishing I dressed them in cuter costumes when they were little.  I thought I would've had more time.

People weren't kidding when they would tell me "enjoy this, they grow up so fast".

red toe socks

We were walking distance from South Coast Plaza and strolled over for a long wait at Din Tai Fung.  2 hours to be exact!  It was an hour into it where one of us had the genius idea to get it to go!


At least we had the chance to enjoy all the holiday decorations already!

Strolling the mall, we all looked at things a little different as we tried finding quick photo ops.  The bench where we normally sit and take a shopping break suddenly was a great spot to show off my socks and short boot combo.  The carousel back drop was pretty for a quick sock shot as well.

black and white socks boots
socks and ankle boots

We get so wrapped up on getting tasks done and running errands we forget to appreciate the beauty in the little things that someone worked hard to design of and implement.

Our cold and rainy Sunday was complete with cool socks, football and pizza.

blue dress socks
womens high knee socks
pattern dress socks

While we were here, we took advantage of as many photo ops.  True dedication does not consider work work, but as their passion and what keeps us motivated.

My husband is blessed to be surrounded by friends he grew up with.  The bond, memories and inside jokes they share are priceless.

So, when we decided to join forces in the Socks and I adventure, of course the thought of "will this affect our friendships?" came to mind.

socks and dress shoes

It ended up strengthening our connection.

We have shared new relationships together, weddings, births, graduations and new careers.  Through the ups and downs, distance and busy lives, we never let excuses get in the way.  Through it all, we learned a little more about one another that gave us a deeper appreciation of each other's qualities.

Friendship can be looked at like fashion, it’s not a one outfit fixer, but needs to be maintained and must be kept up with the constant changing trends.

Great friends are like good socks "hard to find, difficult to leave and impossible to forget"

Have a Happy and Sock filled weekend everyone!