Give More Meaning to Your Socks

No matter where you live or where you are from, we can all relate to one come thing...Losing one sock in that infamous dryer...aka "the sock monster" aka "the vortex of lost socks".  So what happens when we lost that sock?  Well, we are left with a  pile of very lonely socks that hope to someday be reunited with their long lost pair or we are succombed to rock 2 of similar colored socks or perhaps slip on 2 socks of similar shades, hoping no one looks closely enough or if you are adventurous, just live by the "mix and match, don't care" motto.  

In life, we have many roles.  A woman can be a business woman by day, PTA president/bake sale leader by 6pm, Super-Mom/Wife by 7pm.  A man can be Doctor by day, Soccer coach by the afternoon and artist for their 5th grader by night.  

So what can we do to prevent those socks from living a lonely and more purposeful life?  

Here are a few pointers:

- Sock Puppets - introduce your lonely sock to those exciled buttons and make a fun puppet

- Sock Monkey - While you're at it, stuff a sock ad show off those sewing skills by making an adorable doll

- Planter pot decor - Bring the crafty side out and grab an old printed sock and wrap them around a few of you smaller plant's pots.  I saw several cute ideas on Pinterest

- Duster - Save a tree and use one of your older socks for some weekend cleaning

- Hard to reach cleaning - Stick a broom stick in a sock and reach clean under the stove, the side of the fridge, between the cables behind that TV stand

- Glove - I don't mean for warmth but to protect those hands when using harsh chemicals such as bleach and Comet when attacking those bathroom and kitchen germs

- Secret stash holder - Keep that rainy day cash in it for safe keeping

So as you can see, socks can serve many purposes other than styling your feet and keeping them warm.  

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