What's your sign?

This week NASA caused quite a stir when they announced there was a 13th zodiac sign named Ophiuchus.   It is said to alter everyone's zodiac.

How does it affect you? Does this really matter? How do these signs, whether it be the astrology signs or the Chinese zodiac help in defining you.  If you were a Cancer, who are generally known to be sensitive and caring, would you be more in tune with that side of you? As a Sagittarius, known to be one of the most adventurous signs, are you rock climbing and racing cars? 

With the possibility of you having a new sign what will it mean? Does that mean we may have missed out on our soul mate because our signs were initially incompatible? Did we miss on making an important financial investment because based on what  our original sign was, the horoscope said not to?  Could it be that your spouse whose sign you are perfectly compatible with now isn't? 

Well, the good news is there was some miscommunication and there is no 13th sign!!!

The possibility really made me question: What defines you? Your sign? Your car? Your fashion? 

Fashion is often a statement someone makes about themselves.  What you wear on an interview, a first date, or your first day of school sets an impression on how you want to be portrayed.  

I have interviewed several people and noted what they wore first, my perception of a restaurant I thought to be "fancy" was altered when I saw people wearing blue jeans and that person with crazy and funky socks was perceived as quirky, fun and free spirited! 

Does your fashion define you or do you define your fashion?

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