Socks in Chicago


10 years ago my husband (boyfriend at the time) and I took our first out of town trip together.  He chose Chicago.   

Naturally the city knocked our socks off!!!!

We took a double decker on and off tour, had about 2-3 Chicago dogs each day and of course a deep dish pizza.   Being in our 20s we looked for a local hip club to party it up in and had a blast!!!! 

Just like getting a monthly box of socks delivered to your door 📦 being back brought so much nostalgia

Fast forward 10 years!!!! Life has definitely blessed us in more ways then one!  Our relationship has grown tremendously, we had a beautiful wedding with all of our favorite and important people at our sides, had 2 beautiful children, started Socks and I and despite a few bumps, we came out better and stronger 💪.

Our trip this time around consisted of visiting our favorite spots we held dear to our hearts 10 years ago

We of course ate the hot dogs and pizzas, stopped by Sears tower and strolled Millennium Park while holding hands since that is a rarity when trying to keep 2 kids in line.  

We even had a few new things to add to our Chi-town memory bank... a carriage ride and an amazing bar across from our favorite pizza place 👌

One of the best things about my other half is that he truly is my better half.  He pushes me when I decide being complacent is easier.  He pushed me to hurry up and get my Master's degree and now I am a couple classes away from graduating, he makes me run harder up our hill while l'm huffing and puffing and about ready to give up.  He dragged me out to go ice skating (which I suck at) and it turned out that I didn't fall and it even started to snow while we were on the ice, making it a magical and beautiful experience.

Why do we love ❤️ Chicago so much? Because it takes us back to how we began and reminds us of how far we've come.

As life happens, we go through different schools, jobs, homes and friends.  We lose touch of friends we thought we would grow old with, you gain new ones that turn into family, if you are truly blessed you keep a few strong bonds that distance and time can never break.... you may even take a risk and go into business with them 😉.  

However, at the end of the day, with all the waves of change, find your one constant and make sure you hold their hand once in a while, cherish a peck on the cheek and just enjoy the journey of life  💕