Fashion Staples

So when do you do laundry? 

What are the items in your closet or drawer that you must have?

Underwear!!!  For sure!

White Tshirt!!

and SOCKS!!!!!!!

Socks are a daily hamper toss necessity.  Yet it is probably the last thing we think of buying during our shopping trip to the mall.  How many times have you resorted to re-wearing the same pair? 😕Maybe even wearing your nicest black sport socks for work instead? 😳Or worst yet, digging in the hamper for the least smelly one?😫

Mall and shopping outings with family and friends are fun because we shop for a new shirt at Zara, the latest Yeezys, or a new fall jacket at H&M or Express.  

How often have you gone out and looked sharp from your top to you shoes but just had simple socks that just simply blended in with what you wore?  why not complete the look 💯 % and not just 95%

When we do happen to shop for work, we focus on a pair of slacks, a button down and perhaps a brown belt we don't have yet, however socks are rarely in that picture because we always assume we have enough. 

We are usually so wrapped up in work, school, family events, kids activities and spending time with friends that what we need is often on the back burner.  

Wouldn't a monthly sock subscription make our hectic lives just that much easier????

What if you could get 1-4 fashionable, eye catching socks every month without even thinking about it?  Give everyone something to notice when you bend down to tie your shoe, when you cross your leg and when you take off your shoes at someone's home.

Give yourselves one less thing to worry 😫about but one more thing to enjoy🤗!!!

Visit to sign up TODAY!!!👍