Socks in Chicago


10 years ago my husband (boyfriend at the time) and I took our first out of town trip together.  He chose Chicago.   

Naturally the city knocked our socks off!!!!

We took a double decker on and off tour, had about 2-3 Chicago dogs each day and of course a deep dish pizza.   Being in our 20s we looked for a local hip club to party it up in and had a blast!!!! 

Just like getting a monthly box of socks delivered to your door 📦 being back brought so much nostalgia

Fast forward 10 years!!!! Life has definitely blessed us in more ways then one!  Our relationship has grown tremendously, we had a beautiful wedding with all of our favorite and important people at our sides, had 2 beautiful children, started Socks and I and despite a few bumps, we came out better and stronger 💪.

Our trip this time around consisted of visiting our favorite spots we held dear to our hearts 10 years ago

We of course ate the hot dogs and pizzas, stopped by Sears tower and strolled Millennium Park while holding hands since that is a rarity when trying to keep 2 kids in line.  

We even had a few new things to add to our Chi-town memory bank... a carriage ride and an amazing bar across from our favorite pizza place 👌

One of the best things about my other half is that he truly is my better half.  He pushes me when I decide being complacent is easier.  He pushed me to hurry up and get my Master's degree and now I am a couple classes away from graduating, he makes me run harder up our hill while l'm huffing and puffing and about ready to give up.  He dragged me out to go ice skating (which I suck at) and it turned out that I didn't fall and it even started to snow while we were on the ice, making it a magical and beautiful experience.

Why do we love ❤️ Chicago so much? Because it takes us back to how we began and reminds us of how far we've come.

As life happens, we go through different schools, jobs, homes and friends.  We lose touch of friends we thought we would grow old with, you gain new ones that turn into family, if you are truly blessed you keep a few strong bonds that distance and time can never break.... you may even take a risk and go into business with them 😉.  

However, at the end of the day, with all the waves of change, find your one constant and make sure you hold their hand once in a while, cherish a peck on the cheek and just enjoy the journey of life  💕




Socks and Toys


Toys for Tots  


‘Tis the season for giving! In the month of November Socks and I created a promotion to donate an unwrapped toy for every new socks subscription

We were so thankful to be able to donate 18 toys.  Toys included Barbie dolls, pool toys, Mr. Potato Head, Batman masks and more. 


Growing up, my parents worked 2 jobs each to provide us with a happy childhood, a good education and values.  We are blessed to HAVE their continued support along with several friends and co-workers.  Not only have our parents set the foundation for us to continue live their values and morals that they worked so hard to lay, we are honored to continue the same influence to our own children.

As we pushed our cart through Toys R’ Us, we explained to our boys that we were sharing our success with those that may be having a hard time this holiday season.  Although, at age 4 they may not have completely comprehended, they were excited to help pick out toys with us. 

Going through our journey they we thrilled to see our satisfied customers rocking our socks,


the tagged posts on social media,


awesome reviews...


and the great feedback we have been receiving.

The cherry on top would is for us to be given the opportunity to help as many people as we can with our success. 

As we start 2017, we are so thankful for the support we have received.  We can’t to share with you all that Socks and I has in store.


~ Socks and I Team


Friends, family, work like balance & Socks


What makes life fulfilling? A degree? A high paying job? Your dream car? Finally owning your own home? Perhaps your monthly Socks and I package?

These are all rewarding for me, however I find the most fulfillment and happiness when spending memorable moments with friends and family in fun, comfy socks of course!

gray dress socks

For those that don't know, I am blessed with 4-year-old twin boys! With it being Halloween weekend it made me realize what big boys they are.  They chose to be Foxy and Freddy from Five Nights at Freddy's.  I found myself wishing I dressed them in cuter costumes when they were little.  I thought I would've had more time.

People weren't kidding when they would tell me "enjoy this, they grow up so fast".

red toe socks

We were walking distance from South Coast Plaza and strolled over for a long wait at Din Tai Fung.  2 hours to be exact!  It was an hour into it where one of us had the genius idea to get it to go!


At least we had the chance to enjoy all the holiday decorations already!

Strolling the mall, we all looked at things a little different as we tried finding quick photo ops.  The bench where we normally sit and take a shopping break suddenly was a great spot to show off my socks and short boot combo.  The carousel back drop was pretty for a quick sock shot as well.

black and white socks boots
socks and ankle boots

We get so wrapped up on getting tasks done and running errands we forget to appreciate the beauty in the little things that someone worked hard to design of and implement.

Our cold and rainy Sunday was complete with cool socks, football and pizza.

blue dress socks
womens high knee socks
pattern dress socks

While we were here, we took advantage of as many photo ops.  True dedication does not consider work work, but as their passion and what keeps us motivated.

My husband is blessed to be surrounded by friends he grew up with.  The bond, memories and inside jokes they share are priceless.

So, when we decided to join forces in the Socks and I adventure, of course the thought of "will this affect our friendships?" came to mind.

socks and dress shoes

It ended up strengthening our connection.

We have shared new relationships together, weddings, births, graduations and new careers.  Through the ups and downs, distance and busy lives, we never let excuses get in the way.  Through it all, we learned a little more about one another that gave us a deeper appreciation of each other's qualities.

Friendship can be looked at like fashion, it’s not a one outfit fixer, but needs to be maintained and must be kept up with the constant changing trends.

Great friends are like good socks "hard to find, difficult to leave and impossible to forget"

Have a Happy and Sock filled weekend everyone!

Socks in Portland

So, we took a trip to Portland, Oregon this past weekend.  I must say, I fell in love!!!!


I am a Cali gal raised through and through.  I love the sunshine, the fashion and the glam.  I have adapted to the traffic, the smog and the people, good and bad.

Portland had an appeal I was so drawn to.  Perhaps it was going from the 90 degree, sandal wearing, jeans and t-shirt weather in October to 55 degree sock, scarf, hat and boot wearing weather that made the difference.

As soon as I got out of the airport, I first thing I noticed was the amazing multitude of colors in the trees.  The cool breeze on my face and the sudden urge to drink warm cider was overwhelming.  I suddenly found myself envying every Portland resident.   It must be nice to walk out in the morning and feel the crunching of dried orange and red leaves under their boots.  I would sacrifice raking leaves from my front yard every day to enjoy this.


We woke up and started our day with a calming bike ride along the Waterfront Park.  It was full of dog walkers, families, runners and fellow bike riders.  Life appeared simple.  I did not see one person looking at their phone.  No one taking selfies, no one snap chatting, no one “checking in”.  This was completely different to the 80% of people in every crowd of So Cal that would be glancing at their mobile devices.  We paused and people watched, admired sail boats go by and realized we can see ourselves here someday and was already dreading leaving after the weekend.

For the first time in a long time, it felt like fall.  I love ️ how I was finally able to wear my blanket scarf, over the knee socks and boots.  If it rained and allowed me to wear my rain boots I would've been as happy as a kid on Christmas morning.  I probably won’t get to wear my socksandi socks back home for another month when it starts to cool down.


We took our bikes and parked them by the waterfront so we could stroll the Portland Saturday Market.  I tasted the best beef empanadas ever, tried their popular Elephant ears, bought some delish Cajun spices to marinate our wings next football 🏈 Sunday and scored on some unique artwork for our new office.  I love farmer’s markets and need to try to go on a more routine basis.  There are always some good finds you just can't get from the mall stores.

We sat with our phones away, sipped on coffee, strolled by the famous Voodoo donuts, but saw the 1/2 mile line and decided put our warmly dressed feet to people watch instead.


So, interesting fact...Portland has a shared public bike 🚲 system.  After returning to where we locked it, we discovered it was gone.  A kind local enlightened us by informing us that unless we put a "hold" on the bike, another renter was free to take the bike using the universal code.  Gives a whole new meaning to "sharing is caring".



Something unique to Portland are their food pods.  Similar, to LA food trucks, trailers turned into portable eateries were lined along 2 blocks.  We settled with lamb and beef Gyros, which were hands down the best we’ve ever had.  Again, Portland wins!  As for the overall, selection, nothing was offered that was extraordinary that jumped out at me that I have never tried in LA. 


The simplicity of Portland was my favorite part.  I loved how I wore the same comfy sweater, over the knee socks and boots all day while bike riding, shopping at the Market then to post lunch cocktails then to dinner in Downtown on a Saturday night without feeling overdressed or underdressed at any time.  It was effortless.  Although effortless, I still got glimpses of hip, casual, fun trends around some corners.  There were even a couple of guys I could have stopped and told, how they would love our monthly sock subscription.  


After dinner, we strolled along the brick sidewalks of Downtown, admired the unique and detailed buildings, enjoyed looking through windows of the closed stores, basked in the quietness, free from honking horns and blaring radios.  


We stayed at the Nines hotel at the heart of Downtown.  Although parking was pricey, we were close to enough shopping and places to eat that we didn't need to drive until we left the next day.

The rooms laid out in a way where the rooms faced inwards towards the lobby, restaurant and bar.  Personally, I prefer the traditional hotel hallways which feel more private and having a view of the city rather than looking down at the lobby.  The interior rooms were trendy and luxurious, but again, I would have rather chosen chic and comfortable.

After a long day of enjoying the city, we blissfully kicked off our shoes and thanked our cool socks for keeping us warm and comfortable all day.


Our socks can’t wait to go back!  Till next time Portland…

Fashion Staples

So when do you do laundry? 

What are the items in your closet or drawer that you must have?

Underwear!!!  For sure!

White Tshirt!!

and SOCKS!!!!!!!

Socks are a daily hamper toss necessity.  Yet it is probably the last thing we think of buying during our shopping trip to the mall.  How many times have you resorted to re-wearing the same pair? 😕Maybe even wearing your nicest black sport socks for work instead? 😳Or worst yet, digging in the hamper for the least smelly one?😫

Mall and shopping outings with family and friends are fun because we shop for a new shirt at Zara, the latest Yeezys, or a new fall jacket at H&M or Express.  

How often have you gone out and looked sharp from your top to you shoes but just had simple socks that just simply blended in with what you wore?  why not complete the look 💯 % and not just 95%

When we do happen to shop for work, we focus on a pair of slacks, a button down and perhaps a brown belt we don't have yet, however socks are rarely in that picture because we always assume we have enough. 

We are usually so wrapped up in work, school, family events, kids activities and spending time with friends that what we need is often on the back burner.  

Wouldn't a monthly sock subscription make our hectic lives just that much easier????

What if you could get 1-4 fashionable, eye catching socks every month without even thinking about it?  Give everyone something to notice when you bend down to tie your shoe, when you cross your leg and when you take off your shoes at someone's home.

Give yourselves one less thing to worry 😫about but one more thing to enjoy🤗!!!

Visit to sign up TODAY!!!👍

What's your sign?

This week NASA caused quite a stir when they announced there was a 13th zodiac sign named Ophiuchus.   It is said to alter everyone's zodiac.

How does it affect you? Does this really matter? How do these signs, whether it be the astrology signs or the Chinese zodiac help in defining you.  If you were a Cancer, who are generally known to be sensitive and caring, would you be more in tune with that side of you? As a Sagittarius, known to be one of the most adventurous signs, are you rock climbing and racing cars? 

With the possibility of you having a new sign what will it mean? Does that mean we may have missed out on our soul mate because our signs were initially incompatible? Did we miss on making an important financial investment because based on what  our original sign was, the horoscope said not to?  Could it be that your spouse whose sign you are perfectly compatible with now isn't? 

Well, the good news is there was some miscommunication and there is no 13th sign!!!

The possibility really made me question: What defines you? Your sign? Your car? Your fashion? 

Fashion is often a statement someone makes about themselves.  What you wear on an interview, a first date, or your first day of school sets an impression on how you want to be portrayed.  

I have interviewed several people and noted what they wore first, my perception of a restaurant I thought to be "fancy" was altered when I saw people wearing blue jeans and that person with crazy and funky socks was perceived as quirky, fun and free spirited! 

Does your fashion define you or do you define your fashion?

Visit to discover your expression, originality and uniqueness!!! 


The Webster's dictionary 📕defines a sock as: a knitted or woven covering for the foot usually worn under shoes and extending above the ankle and sometimes to the knee.

In ancient times, socks were made from leather or matted animal hair.  In the late 16th century, machine-knit socks were first produced. Until 1800 both hand knitting and machine knitting were used to produce socks, but after 1800, machine knitting became the predominant method.

One of the roles of socks is absorbing perspiration 😓.  The foot is among the heaviest producers of sweat in the body, as it can produce over 0.25 US pints (0.12 l) of perspiration per day.[2] Socks help to absorb this sweat and draw it to areas where air can evaporate the perspiration. In cold environments, socks made from wool insulate the foot and decrease the risk of frostbite ❄️❄️❄️

Currently, socks in fashion continue to evolve.  For work 👔one can be traditional and wear black dress socks and on another day wear green with poke a dots or purple stripes.

With fall officially here, let's rock a funky thigh high sock to go with your trendy over the knee knee boot.  

Why wear plain sport socks for your run 🏃 or workout 💪 when you can add some flare 💥with a wild and crazy pair 😝

Let Socks and I help you further heighten your self expression 👍.


Take Me Back. New York, New York: Dorling Kindersley Limited. 2008. p. 292.ISBN 978-0-7566-4090-3.

"Howstuffworks.  "Why feet stink?" Retrieved 2010-03-05

Give More Meaning to Your Socks

No matter where you live or where you are from, we can all relate to one come thing...Losing one sock in that infamous dryer...aka "the sock monster" aka "the vortex of lost socks".  So what happens when we lost that sock?  Well, we are left with a  pile of very lonely socks that hope to someday be reunited with their long lost pair or we are succombed to rock 2 of similar colored socks or perhaps slip on 2 socks of similar shades, hoping no one looks closely enough or if you are adventurous, just live by the "mix and match, don't care" motto.  

In life, we have many roles.  A woman can be a business woman by day, PTA president/bake sale leader by 6pm, Super-Mom/Wife by 7pm.  A man can be Doctor by day, Soccer coach by the afternoon and artist for their 5th grader by night.  

So what can we do to prevent those socks from living a lonely and more purposeful life?  

Here are a few pointers:

- Sock Puppets - introduce your lonely sock to those exciled buttons and make a fun puppet

- Sock Monkey - While you're at it, stuff a sock ad show off those sewing skills by making an adorable doll

- Planter pot decor - Bring the crafty side out and grab an old printed sock and wrap them around a few of you smaller plant's pots.  I saw several cute ideas on Pinterest

- Duster - Save a tree and use one of your older socks for some weekend cleaning

- Hard to reach cleaning - Stick a broom stick in a sock and reach clean under the stove, the side of the fridge, between the cables behind that TV stand

- Glove - I don't mean for warmth but to protect those hands when using harsh chemicals such as bleach and Comet when attacking those bathroom and kitchen germs

- Secret stash holder - Keep that rainy day cash in it for safe keeping

So as you can see, socks can serve many purposes other than styling your feet and keeping them warm.  

Visit to replenish your sock inventory.  

STAND UP TO CANCER is a groundbreaking initiative created to accelerate innovative cancer research that will get new therapies to patients quickly and save lives now.

We have all been touched by someone with Cancer.  Cancer does not only affect those diagnosed but their family, friends and co-workers.  
Whether you lost a loved one, know someone undergoing treatment or can call yourself a survivor...we recognize you.  I believe you are among the strongest people for enduring an emotional roller coaster of ups and downs.  

Thank you for opening yourself up, sharing your stories, being an inspiration, staying positive for those that depend on you, thank you for your courage.  

Socks Socks and Socks

Socks and I believes in the idea that a statement can be made when it is expressed in a head to toe look. Often it is the "toe" portion that can be neglected.  

 "🎼Express Yourself 🎤" as Charles Wright once sang!!!!

Whether it be as simple as poke a dots and stripes or as appetite appealing as some pizza print footwear... Go ahead and spark another's interest with your head to toe look.  Happy Socking!!!

 Email us a picture of you rocking your latest order, we would love to feature you on our blog!!!!